Thursday, April 14, 2011

These Seniors Really Got Talent!

Eighty-eight-year-old Pauline Wheeler charmed the judges at the department's Seniors Got Talent Showcase held at the Westover Community Center in March. She earned the first place prize in the Spoken Word category for her recitation of the poem, “Heaven’s Grocery Store.” The poem was relevant to her own life story, since she and her husband, Sgt. Shelvie Wheeler, owned and operated a community grocery store for approximately 30 years. Other winners in the competition were Cornelia Walker and Sara Archer, who took second and third place respectively in the Spoken Word category. Michael Brown won first place in the Vocal/Musical category for his rendition of a gospel piece, while Marjorie Wharton and Rufus Bowman took second and third place respectively in the Vocal/Musical category. The showcase, which was organized by Lynette Wilkins, the department’s supervisor at Westover, was judged by Linda Tunes of the Cooperative Extension Service; Loretta Anderson, a Department of Social Services retiree; Lashaun Casselle, a department recreation instructor; and Martha Jones-Carter, a department recreation program specialist.