Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Richmond Children Can Send a Message to the Future

City children are invited to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bryan Park by writing a letter or sending their artwork to the future.

Children who live in the city of Richmond and are in kindergarten through 12th grade can submit a letter or a drawing for possible inclusion in a time capsule that will be buried in Bryan Park on Sept. 25 during the park’s centennial celebration.

In their letters, children should give their age and tell the park’s future visitors about themselves, their family, the neighborhood where they live, what they like to do and where they like to go in Richmond and why. Children can also write about what they think the future will be like in 100 years. All letters should be signed with names and addresses.

Children can also submit drawings of themselves, their family, friends, house, neighborhood, or someplace in or around the city of Richmond, or a drawing of what they think Richmond will look like in 100 years. All drawings must be on 8½ by 11-inch paper and include name, age, and address.

Children can also send suggestions for items to be included in the capsule.

A panel of judges will select the items to be included in the time capsule.

The deadline for entries and suggestions is Sept. 10. All entries should be mailed to: FoBP Time Capsule Contest, P.O. Box 15481, Richmond, VA 23227-5481.

For more information, e-mail timecapcontest@friendsofbryanpark.org.